Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Heard The Heartbeat!!! 6 Weeks.

I went to Dr. RE today for the last time. They found the heartbeat right away and I fell in love in that very moment. It made it all very real for me (beside all the other things that clue me in--more on that later!) A huge weight has been lifted. Seeing the heartbeat reduced the chances of miscarriage greatly, so I am really excited about that.
They officially released me to my OB today. It was bitter sweet saying goodbye to everyone in the office. I have come to know them so well, they are almost family. I thanked each of them for all they have done for us, and for believing it could happen. Dr. RE was wonderful too. She said it is hard because you grow attached but this is what you hope for, so it is hard to say goodbye. But it was also nice to think about not having to go back there, hopefully never again.

I feel like this little one is taking over my body in almost every aspect. Let's do this head to toe:
#1 Pregnancy brain. I am still not sure if I was like this before and didn't notice or this has already kicked in. Example: The washing machine was filling up with water (already about half full) and I closed the lid and tried to start it up, only to realize then that it already is filling. Why my ears couldn't pick that one up is beyond me.
#2 Acne. Always had a problem, but now it is worse. Thought that would get better. How about NO.
#3 Food smells, and I usually don't like it. Makes my stomach churn.
#4 I crave citrus. But now I am getting heartburn--already. So the two don't work well together.
#5 My boobs are already huge, and now I already have grown a cup size. This is all I have left that I can see in bra sizes. I have a small band with relative to cup size, and I already have grown to the biggest cup size available for my width. This concerns me for the next 34 weeks, and how in the world am I going to find a nursing bra?!! (And don't even think about touching them! OUCH!)
#6 Nausea. It sucks. It is worse when I need to eat. But I don't want to eat when I am nauseated. See the irony?
#7 I particularly love sleep right now. But I can't sleep well. The other night--up at 3:15am--wide awake! 3:15 pm: taking a much-coveted nap. Maybe this is preparing me for the same when baby comes.
#8 I feel like I have a grapefruit in my lower abdomen. This is not comfortable when I want to bend over. I know this will only get worse.
#9 Pain. Still having it. Not as bad, more like cramps now, but still annoying. These get worse if I don't "take it easy". This is very hard for me to do.
#10 Muscle cramps. I had a pregnant friend ask me if the cramps have started. I said no, then the next day I started getting them. Mostly in the calf, but I got one in my shoulder the other day. Not fun and I hope they stop.

If that isn't enough to clue me in something is going on in there, I don't know what would be! As uncomfortable as all that may make me, it is all good signs that the Lord has blessed me with a baby! And I couldn't be more happy! Keep growing little one!


  1. congrats! Isn't it the most beautiful sound?? :)

  2. Um, SO glad it's finally you and not me!!! I am so so SO excited for my little neicephew to come!!! Yay!!! Keep feeling all those symptoms as far as I'm concerned! Cause now it's your turn!