Monday, December 21, 2009


I can't believe it, but my jeans aren't fitting anymore! ALREADY?!! It makes me feel like a fatso. I find myself "sucking in" because my belly is bigger, but then I realize that maybe I shouldn't do that. I am trying to embrace it and take it as a good sign, but it just feels like I am gaining weight.
And I am which is good. I lost weight there for a little bit, but have gained that back in spite of the nausea. It comes in waves and with no rhyme or reason. Some days are good, some are not. I have tried everything under the sun to help with it, and it helps...a little. It is such a weird thing, I feel really ill but grateful I am feeling it all at the same time. Yesterday I started crying because I felt so miserable, which led into more crying thinking how wonderful it was to feel miserable because that means things are going well. Such a weird place to be in!
I am looking forward to my next US at my OB's office at the end of the month. I hope we get to see more this time, and not just a blob with a flicker inside it. JJ will be able to come, which I am glad about.

Merry Christmas too all of you!!! Hope your holidays are filled with joy, laughter, and hope--hope that next year will bring 2 lines for you too!


  1. We found a little present for Baby J!!! Can't wait to give it to them at Christmas!

  2. Your next u/s is going to be so much fun. Enjoy.

  3. Glad that your symptoms are making you feel good about the baby doing well - it is a good sign even if it's difficult to deal with. :) Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope you get a great look at your baby at your next u/s.

    Happy ICLW!

  4. Celebrate each little symptom as a sign from your bubba that things are all going to plan, I know how hard that is when you're just feeling crapy and miserable. I found nothing worked for my nausea totally but trying a little bit of the few things that sort of helped got me through some of the not-so-bad days.

    Congrats and all the best for your pregnancy!


  5. Congrats on your pregnancy! I love reading success stories. I hope everything continues to go well and you enjoy it. I hope I can be that miserable REALLY soon :-).


  6. i am glad that you are doing well, a little advice, i cried about not fitting in my jeans and about feeling "fatty" and sucked in the stomach and all of that, igave my hubby hell cause i hated that i was so big, lol, now iwish i had just enjoyed it and strutted my big ol belly, cause iwill never have it again.

    enjoy every minute of it
    merry christmas ICLW hugs!

  7. Congrats on your pregnancy. I just got my first BFP after 3 years of trying with 5 IVF's. It has been hard for me to make the blog transition from an infertility blog to a pregnancy blog. I know it will be hard for some girls to follow but some of can share this journey with you.

    Merry Christmas

    Here from ICLW