Saturday, August 29, 2009

They Are Growing!

I really wasn't looking forward to yet another US and possibly more disappointment. Could it really still be working? Apparently yes, even this late in my cycle I can have follies grow! I have 2 at 12, the largest I have ever seen them. When she was doing the US, I wasn't even looking, then she started doing a lot of measurements, and I perked up thinking, "She must see something!" Then she turned the screen and there they were, and they looked huge! I think I am acting just like a PCOS-er, ovulating (hopefully) late. So I have to go back in on Monday, but I have to work, and I can't push my luck over there. I already talked to my boss and came in later on Friday which put everyone in a pickle. It is hard when you are a nurse, and they expect you to be there on time and take a patient assignment. Plus, when I got there later, the whole day I was behind. So I am off Tuesday and I will go then. I have decided not to worry about it, but just trust God that if it is going to work this time, those follies will still be there Tuesday and be nice and big and everything will work out. And if it isn't supposed to be this round, then that is what will be best for us. (Oh but do I hope it does work out this round!) Ya-hoo!


  1. How exciting for you to see some nice growth!! Can't wait to hear how the appointment on Tuesday goes!

  2. Yea for growing follicles. My ultrasound lady said that pcos ovaries are like hibernating bears and it takes a while to wake up. I hope they continue to grow :D