Thursday, August 6, 2009

CD3-Ready, Set, GO!

I am excited for the future. I had my US yesterday along with bloodwork. The nurse said my US looks good (glad the surgery took!) and she expects my labs will be OK to start. I started Clomid today. She feels pretty sure I will have to do the Ovidrel injection too. Then progesterone (I am hoping it isn't PIO but the suppositories.) Of course I am working when my next appointment needs to be, so I am praying I find someone to switch days with me.

My sister so generously has offered to let me use her baby equipment. That is really going to help out-that stuff can be expensive. I have already brought some of it home as a step of faith. I know we will have children, it's just the when and how that is in question. I would hate for that stuff to just sit there for a long time. I know I don't want to look at it for that long, that's for sure. I still struggle with looking at the baby stuff in the stores, even though I have faith it will happen. I find myself wanting to look, but when it happens to be there, I turn my head. I think I am afraid of the emotions I may feel. I am tired of those, and they are hard to face-it can be exhausting. It's easier just to avoid it. I often wonder if, when I know for sure a baby is coming, whether I will still have those feelings, or will it go away immediately. I have a feeling it might take some time. Can't wait for it though, really can't wait!


  1. Good luck!! Glad to hear things are starting off great!

  2. Every time I go anywhere near a bay section in a store, tears start streaming down my face. I think it embarasses my husband because he always manages to detour me around it whenever possible ;-).