Thursday, August 20, 2009

Renewed Hope

I went in for US and bloodwork today to put the nail in the coffin on this cycle. I have one follie at 10, that's it. The nurse said the doc will probably cancel this cycle. Then she called me later and said the doc wants me to take 50 mg Clomid for another few days and come in and check again on Tuesday. I was already kissing this cycle goodbye, but renewed hope! I had such big hopes for this cycle, and to see that nothing was happening was very discouraging. But I am so glad that there is still something we can do this cycle!
I think I have to stop listening to the nurse, and wait to see what the final say is from the bloodwork and the doctor until I start giving up hope based on what she says.
Grow follies grow!!!!!


  1. Isn't the up and down of each cycle so hard?!? Glad you have some renewed hope - hope is sometimes the only thing we can cling to! Here's hoping Tuesday brings good news!!!

  2. If the doctor hasn't given up hope yet, then you can't either! GL on Tuesday.

  3. I hope this extra bit of clomid helps! *crossing my fingers for you*