Friday, September 25, 2009

CD 6, Bravelle #4

Went in at the crack of dawn for ultrasound and bloodwork. My uterine lining is thicker (I could tell on the US, I don't think I have seen it that thick before, but what do I know?) and I have about 7 follies that are responding. But my estrogen level didn't budge, so I am doubling my dose of Bravelle. Yikes! I am so freaked about feeling like crap on this. Or turning into the wicked witch. But so far I have just had some minor GI issues. I won't go into any more detail than that! I did have it out with the toaster the other day. It burnt my bagel and I just had to yell at it. "If I wanted it black, I would have put it on the black setting you stupid thing! Arrrg!"

So somehow I have to get more meds by Monday evening. The pharmacy called and said it will be there by Tuesday. "NO, I said I need it by Monday evening." Then she said, "Well it's the weekend, and we don't ship on the weekend." "So then courier it on Monday like you have done before." Ahh, MAKE IT HAPPEN lady, I need it by Monday evening. Don't ruin this for me! "Let me put you on hold while I speak with my supervisor." Then she came back and now magically they can send it over the weekend! Wall-ah! Isn't that marvelous how that works? Come on people just make this a little more easy for me, PLEASE?!!!
I am so glad that I am not working on Monday when I have to go in again. So far I haven't had to worry about that. That is a big part of the stress of all this! (Among dealing with stupid people!)
I keep going back and forth over whether to do timed intercourse or IUI. In many ways, I want this to be as natural as possible. We said we would do the least interventions first. Plus we haven't actually seen if it works when I actually ovulate. But then I think of my tipped uterus and how the whole team keeps referring to my "IUI cycle" and I have to remind them that it's timed intercourse. "OK, yeah" is the response I get as they study their computer screens and not me. It would increase my chances they have told me. And what if I didn't get pregnant? Would I be saying maybe it would have happened if I did IUI? I know I would be saying that. I also hate to put JJ through that also. It just stinks. He would have to miss work, and do what he needs to do-yuck. But I know he would do it for our family.
Ugh! Don't know what to do!

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