Monday, May 11, 2009

Testing and the Big Mouth

Went in to Dr. RE's to get more blood testing to see if I have ovulated. Uh, der! I could have told you I didn't without the expensive blood work. That's been the difficulty with getting pregnant, you kinda need to O, and I don't. So it's provera for me to get a period, then birth control pills to thin my lining, then surgery.
I am already SO done with all the blood work. I think between all the testing I recently had to rule out epilepsy and every other disease and the current infertility issues, I have given my weight in blood. The lady taking my blood today asked me if I drank water before I came in to "puff my veins out". I told her yes, just to make her more comfortable. But my kidneys work good, so doing that won't work, sorry lady. She asked if I have had blood taken a lot, and then she looked at my vein that everyone likes to poke and she said, "Oh yes you have! You ladies always need to give a lot of blood." Hey, let's not comment on anything, OK? I realize I have scars to remind me of all the testing I have gone through. Just get the blood quickly and relatively painlessly and don't talk. You can ask me about the weather, and that's about it. 
They should make it a requirement that those who don't know what is going on with you shouldn't say anything. I am beginning to think those stupid things at work about "scripting" are really needed for some people. How can you teach good manners to someone? You can't. But you can ask them to memorize what to say. I always thought that was ridiculous, but recently I am realizing some people need it. 
Unfortunately not everyone in healthcare has been through something major with their health. I personally think that every one of us should be a patient before we treat other people. Going through all of this has taught me empathy for my patients. I have learned how to speak in their language. Because if you are scared, you need simple terms, definitely not medical talk. You need someone to hear you and not talk at you. You just need someone loving. I strive for that every time I am at someone's bedside. For that learning experience I am so grateful. I know I am a better nurse for it. 

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  1. Hi I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say hello:)

    Sorry about that lady... I can understand how you feel about that..

    I also see that we have a few things in common.
    I also have PCOS.. Been trying for over 2 yrs now... and I also am christian!!!

    Praying for you... God is with you in this very hard Journey.