Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Shower

Had my shower last week, and it was wonderful. It went way too fast. I felt so blessed from everybody when I was opening the gifts. So many wonderful things! He is going to be spoiled! (Love that!)
Before the shower, I was getting anxious about how we didn't have anything and I felt so unready for the baby. I knew in my mind that I was going to have the shower, but there was this pull that would nag at me saying, "You aren't ready for the baby to come! What are you going to do?!!!" That feeling is much less now. Even though I have 2 more months to go, I feel like I need to have everything ready to the tee for some reason. Is this nesting? Whatever it is, it is quite strong. Amazing what instinct can do.
It was such a weird thing to attend a baby shower, and for it to be mine. The last couple of years, it has been difficult to attend baby showers for me. I just couldn't do it. It would hurt too much for me to see all that baby stuff (stuff that I wanted). I couldn't even shop in the baby section, so I couldn't get a gift either. This made me feel bad, but I also knew that I needed to do it for me, to avoid all the emotion wrapped up in it (and to avoid a panic attack!) It was wonderful that the first shower I could attend again was my own, and that I could enjoy it to the fullest. Praise God for answered prayer!
Enjoy some pics from the shower. It was great, and my family did such a wonderful job.

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