Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do Not Worry.

Today my husband left for Mexico on a missions trip. I have to admit that I was nervous when I watched him walk into the terminal this morning. We had just finished talking about things I should know, "in case" something happened to him. I couldn't get that out of my mind. How would it be to be pregnant and a widow? How would I get on with my life? I couldn't imagine it. Our lives are so totally intertwined, my life would be ruined. Then I started to think what if something happened to me or the baby, how would I get a hold of him? Would he get back quickly? I have never been this nervous before about him going on a missions trip (he has done several.) Do pregnancy hormones make you worry more? I think so, at least in this case. I am pretty sure everything will be fine, but you never know. I am praying for peace, and that helps a lot.

I recently have been experiencing more heart palpitations than normal. My OB told me to go to my primary physician and get it checked out. I had some blood work done and it shows some hyperthyroidism. I have often wondered if my thyroid was going to act up, since some previous tests suggested that it might happen. I am really hoping that I don't have to take any more medication. I am already on a prescription drug, and now I am taking Tylenol on a regular basis too (daily headaches--ugh!) So now I have to get more tests and ultrasound on the thyroid to see what is going on. Hopefully it's nothing.

I am starting to show now! I wasn't sure, but I think I recently popped, and people are noticing too (so are my pants!) It's kinda nice because sometimes you wonder if anything is going on in there, you can't feel it yet. So I am excited about that. I had a friend give me her old maternity clothes, and it was exciting to go through them--it was like shopping! I want to fill them out more though. I am so grateful for those clothes--they can be so expensive! I guess if you call them maternity you can add another $20 to the price! I found some cute dresses at Nordstrom on clearance that I can wear in the summer--can't wait for that! I think maternity dresses are cute. Knowing how hot and humid Chicago can get in the summer, I think the dresses will come in handy when I am ready to pop!

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  1. I would have those same thoughts if my husband were away. <3

    Ya, it was sad having maternity clothes cost more for me too. I had to pick my favorite few & rotated often.. ha ha. : )