Monday, November 9, 2009


I have a friend at work who keeps asking if I am "folliculating". It makes me laugh every time she says that. And now I can tell her I am folliculating!
Follie check today revealed I have a 16!!! I cried right there on the table when she said that. She was doing her usual stuff, click click, click click. Then all of the sudden she said, "Oh! Heather you have a 16! Finally!" I said, "Oh praise God! I can't believe it! Thank God!" I am so glad I have something to show for all of this. I really have been in some pain lately, and I was taking that as a good sign. And it was!! I grew like it is supposed to happen, not slow like I have been.
The plan is another dose of Menopur tonight, then trigger tomorrow night and IUI on Thursday! I can't believe this is finally happening! I could be pregnant in a week! I can't wait! Maybe I can ask for some maternity clothes for Christmas! If I get pregnant my due date will be August 31. Not excited to be way pregnant in the summer, but I'll take it - better than nothing! I wanted a summer birthday for my kids anyway.
We had an amazing service on Sunday. God really ministered to me, and I knew that He was doing a work in me, and He was going to make it happen. I had such a confidence going to the office today. I know this is happening because He is in control and He has done the work. I am so grateful to have the Lord in my life. I don't know what I would do without Him! Hallelujah!


  1. Praise God!! And, seriously, you've never had a "real" chance to conceive because you weren't now you're probably just as good to go as any average fertile, right? Praying this is your month!

  2. Yay!! May the Lord keep blessing you along this journey!