Sunday, April 11, 2010


This baby has been moving like crazy. He kicked me so hard yesterday that it moved my body! Nobody told me that was going to happen. It was amazing and shocking! It brings tears to my eyes sometimes when I feel him in there. It's like he's communicating with me, telling me he's OK and doing good. It is so reassuring. This morning I was in a lot of hip pain and I felt him move and it just hit me: this is a small price to pay to bring a healthy strong boy into our family. Not to say that this pain is any easier. Today was the most painful it has ever been, it is really surprising. It is making me waddle, and it is embarrassing. I feel like I shouldn't be waddling yet, I'm not big enough. But the pain made me waddle! It's all so crazy!
Last night JJ and I went out on a date, and it was so nice to just sit together and focus on each other and have some fun. I realized that we may not have that opportunity as much when the baby comes. I hope that we can make it a priority to make each other the most important person to each other. We definitely want to make sure that happens.
We still can't make up our minds on a name. I am not sure if we will know until we meet him. The list is getting bigger, with no winners yet. People certainly have their own strong opinions about it. Even if we make a decision, I don't think we will share what his name is until he is born. That way it's his name, and no one can say anything about it. So there!


  1. I felt the same way about those kicks! Isn't it so neat to see them move your belly?! Names are hard, but you'll find the perfect one!

  2. How fun!!! I can't wait for that! When did you first feel movement???