Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Update

I know it's been a while since my last post. It is difficult to get the time to do it these days. It seems every time I do something like eat or take a shower, he knows and fusses and cries, especially lately. I hear around this time, 6 weeks, is the hardest as far as being fussy. I wouldn't say he is colicky though. I can usually calm him. Can't wait until it ends!
Despite that, it really has been wonderful being a mom. He recently started to smile, which is so rewarding. I can't wait to see his personality really come out. My days are filled with feeding, changing diapers and rocking him and I still love being a mom. I knew I would. It just feels right, like it always was. And the sick thing is despite hating being pregnant and my hard labor and delivery and the hard days of taking care of a newborn, I am already thinking of having another one. I wish I knew if conceiving would be just as hard as the first time. I would probably start a little earlier, knowing it might take some time to happen. I had to talk with the OB about birth control at my appointment, and it was so weird to think about it. It hasn't been on my mind for years now.
She gave me the OK to start dieting, but she said to take it easy. So I am laying off all the extra junk. It is hard since my appetite is huge while I am breastfeeding. I am also walking almost daily with Jaden, he loves it outside and the exercise is good for me. I am feeling stronger now which is great. I hope I can lose this extra baby weight soon. I don't like it!

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